Lisa and Bryan

We’re a family who prioritizes education, travel, family meals and time together, fun, balance and beating to our own drummers. As a couple, Bryan and I have a very egalitarian approach to caring for our family and home which we’ve found has been terrific in raising our two sons, now young adults.

Why Rachael and MA Properties Real Estate?

We sought someone who was very knowledgeable, that we could completely trust and that would guide us to the best outcome in selling our home. We loved MA Properties’ analytical approach, focused on educating both sellers and buyers, and that’s how we first learned about the company. Then, we had multiple friends who worked with, or knew someone who’d worked with MA Properties, and had great experiences.   

Rachael was experienced and very focused on being our partner in moving through the process of selling our family home. She was high energy, a great resource, and cared deeply about making things easiest for us to help bring about the best outcome. 

Karma may have also played a role. I built a dollhouse many years ago, a beautiful Victorian with a charming porch, gingerbread trim outlining multiple gables and a tall circular tower. One day I noticed a house in our town that seemed the living embodiment of my doll house and - through the process of working with Rachael - discovered that the house is home to none other than Dani and Marcus, the wife and husband principals of MA Properties.



What surprised you the most about the selling process?

How emotional it was to see the strong interest in our home, receive and evaluate excellent offers, and the difficulty of choosing which to accept. The process went quite smoothly as Rachael presented the portfolio of offers with full details and then provided us space to sit with them and let my husband and I determine our top choices. Rachael was very helpful in providing additional background information regarding the offers which enabled us to make our final decision.


How did Rachael help you prepare your home to sell?

Rachael was able to suggest tradespeople who painted, refinished our floors and helped us with freshening up our home for sale. We greatly appreciated Rachael’s balanced view and assistance with helping us discern what efforts would provide the best bang for the buck. She was instrumental in helping us focus on where it was most critical to declutter and in pointing out the many unique features of our home during the marketing phase. 

We also needed to relocate the pod - sitting in our driveway - before the home went live for showings. Rachael went above and beyond and we were able to park the pod in her L-shaped driveway. 

Rachael did a terrific job bringing our home on the market, and highlighted the special aspects and unique features of our home which helped us arrive at the right price to entice potential buyers. The video and brochure were very appealing and we were elated that Rachael’s marketing campaign generated great interest and several strong offers.


What was the most challenging part of the selling process?

We were most concerned about needing to clear through our belongings, accumulated over nearly 30 years (including raising our two sons.)  We realized that putting our  home on the market was a powerful catalyst for sorting through decades of our lives, and having played a big role in sorting through a lifetime of belongings after the death of our parents, we knew we didn’t want to leave that same complexity for our kids. We were excited to downsize, simplify our lives, and create more time to pursue our interests and passions. It was hard work but felt great!

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What is your top selling tip?

It’s a big decision and can feel overwhelming but it’s important to remember you manage it one step at a time. Working with MA Properties and Rachael helped us do just that!  Rachael was willing to roll up her sleeves and support us with whatever came up, including enlisting her college-age son and friends to help us move some furniture. She has a very positive, can-do attitude that informs her whole approach. It was terrific to have a knowledgeable guide by our side each and every step of the journey.  

We appreciated that MA Properties is very team oriented so you have the full strength of the company supporting you. We found the folks at MA Properties were very knowledgeable about the market landscape, what buyers were seeking and the full range of questions that arose throughout the process of preparing your home to sell.



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