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This page is dedicated to our awesome clients and their stories of buying & selling success!

Meet Tina and Matthew

We met in college in Boston and got married after graduation. We decided to purchase a starter home in Lexington, known for its great schools and community while being able to commute easily to our respective workplaces.  We are a very active family with two small children and we enjoy a variety of sports, birding in the great outdoors, and making music.

Meet Sandra and Gary

We lived in our Lexington house for 35 years. We very happily raised 4 children there. We enjoyed soccer games and gardening in the back yard and biking around the neighborhood and on the Minuteman Bike path.

Meet Ed

My home in Lexington was truly the old homestead. We lived there as a family of different sizes for 55 years. At times, there were as many as nine people living there, my wife and her parents and our five children. The children attended the fine Town school system and all went on to successful university educations and careers. The home continued to be a family gathering place even after the kids scattered across the country.

Meet Grace and John

We are Korean American senior citizens living in the US for more than 60 years. Grace worked as a consulting dietician at nursing homes and John, a transportation planner at MA Dept of Transportation. While living in this house for 36 years, we raised two daughters, who became a violinist and a medical doctor, respectively. Grace loves tending the vegetable garden and John, writing in local Korean newspapers .

Meet Chris

I work in operations at Nuance Communications as a director. I play rugby and actively serve as a Scoutmaster in the Boy Scout troop in Stoneham.

Meet Ting & JQ

We have been living in Lexington for about 10 years. Both of us are professionals with full time jobs. We have two boys, 11 and 4 years of age. We like outdoor activities and the beauty of nature.

Meet Marilyn & Mike

Michael and I had an architectural practice in New York city for 40 years that included residential clients on Fifth and Park Avenues and the restoration of early 20th century commercial properties. We have two sons born and raised in Manhattan who never returned to the city of their birth. We love to bike and take long walks.

Meet Jeff Ippolito

Who is Jeff… I am a software engineer who enjoys surfing and martial arts in his freetime. I like being near the water, hiking, and, in general, likes to be outside.  I also enjoy cooking and throwing BBQ’s for friends and family on the weekends.

Meet Rich and Catherine

We are two working professionals that have two adult sons who are in competing graduate studies, one in Connecticut and the other in California. We enjoy spending time at our ocean front home in Cape Neddick, Maine.

Meet Stan and Ann

Ann is a retired preschool teacher who joined an artists group which she has been associated with for 20 years, and has an art studio in the home. 

Stan is a retired financial services lawyer who now focuses on social justice and political work, his real passions.

Meet Lisa and Bryan

We’re a family who prioritizes education, travel, family meals and time together, fun, balance and beating to our own drummers. As a couple, Bryan and I have a very egalitarian approach to caring for our family and home which we’ve found has been terrific in raising our two sons, now young adults.

Meet Carrie and Frank

We helped Carrie and her husband sell their Arlington home and buy their new home in Lexington.

Meet Heather

I am an attorney who works in Downtown Boston.  I grew up in Bedford and have lived in North Cambridge for the last four years.  I enjoy running, trips to the Caribbean, and listening to podcasts while trying out recipes from my expansive collection of cookbooks. My new kitchen is my favorite room in the condo! 

Meet Jody Shanahan

I am a criminal defense attorney and single mom of two children and a labradoodle named Finnigan. I am a hockey fanatic. I love watching the Bruins and my son play on his team. I have lived in Massachusetts since 2014 and will forever call New England my home. My daughter and I love going on long drives through the New England countryside. I like to read classic literature and watch period films. I am a particularly good cook, my favorite genre being elevated comfort food.

Meet Nick and Samantha

Sam, a high school chemistry teacher, and Nick, an intellectual property attorney, met as chemistry undergrad majors at the University of New Hampshire.  After a chemistry-themed wedding and moving around the greater Boston area for graduate school and jobs, they finally settled in the Merrimack Valley with their 9-month-old daughter Matilda (Tilly) and dog Lily. 

Meet Liz and Paul

We have been married for a little over two years. Liz grew up in the Boston area, and although originally Paul is from Minnesota, he has spanned several cities in his adult life including Atlanta, Seattle and Dallas. That said, we both love the greater Boston area and knew this was where we wanted to buy our next home!

Meet Ray and Sirisha

I am working as a Solution Consultant in the Networking industry and my husband is a Software Engineer in the Financial domain. We are blessed with two lovely kids. I like nature observation while my husband is an avid cricket fan. We both complement each other in many ways.

Meet The Davy Family

We have spent the last 10 years in Lexington and our sons Ryan and Jackson have enjoyed making friends, going to school, and experiencing New England.  Now they are both going to be in college in the fall and a new job opportunity leads us to move to Park City Utah.  We are excited to explore a different part of the country and enjoy the outdoors – especially hiking, biking and skiing!

Meet The Jain Family

I am Amit, working as a Pharmaceutical professional for the last 15+ years. Swati is working in the gene sequencing area for a CA company.

We both love to go for long drives in the USA (did cross-country to come to MA from CA, traveled to many national parks and other parts of the world like New Zealand, Patagonia region of Chile and Argentina). 

Swati loves cooking and has a very good frame of mind to fuse other parts of the world cuisine with Indian traditional dishes. She is also fond of art and sewing. 

Our lifestyle is very simple and driven towards nature. We do not drink or smoke.

Meet Amanda and Florian

Amanda, an artist working in oils, and Florian, a busy Researcher at MIT, met on a sunny day on Vassar Street in Cambridge. Amanda grew up in the Boston area and was returning to Boston from living and working in Australia for five years. Florian was born and raised in Germany and worked as a Researcher at MIT.

Meet Vasanth and Sujatha

We are a family of four, with two boys living in NY/Nj area. We are both scientists in chemistry and biology. Interested in reading, watching movies, music etc. Decided to sell our house as we took retirement to move to be closer to kids and old friends.

Meet Alenka and Luka

Semi retired professionals with european background. We brought up three children in this home and the Lexington school system.

Sold our home because we are now empty nesters and look forward to simplifying and lots of travel.

Most importantly, we trusted you, from staging and pricing the house, to signing away power of attorney to a woman we’d never met, based on one email from you. That trust is worth everything in such a relationship!

Providing a world-class service

Great experience. 

As you know, this was a difficult process for us to start with. We appreciate Susan finding the contractors and helping us with the timeline goal to put the house on market. Jane staging the house. Sheri doing everything needed, so the house closes timely without any hitch. Dani's assessment of local market is so spot on. It helped us get the best possible outcome.

You are providing a world-class service, with sincerity and hard work, as your core values. What more can one ask for? I wish we had another house in Lexington, so we could do this again :-)

N&V (Lexington)

If you want someone who hustles, will always have your back and will stay faithful to your needs, then I recommend Corinne

She was with us every step. Corinne was available and very open to making room that fit my schedule.  She answered every question, and when needed, she would find the answer within a very short period of time.  Her recommendations for financing and legal representation were great and they were not   "pushed" in any way.  I always felt in full control, yet fully supported.  If you want someone who hustles, will always have your back and will stay faithful to your needs, then I recommend Corinne

I can wholeheartedly tell you, ....you are the real estate team to beat!

I can wholeheartedly tell you, ....you are the real estate team to beat! 

There will/would be no question for me  ( or for Kate) just which agency I/we would use again. Whenever we speak of our transaction  with you when selling my mum's place at 9 Aerial, you and yours are remembered fondly. We are still impressed with  speed and finesse of that transaction. 

Kate, Tony and I are very grateful for making that difficult time stress free, even enjoyable! You worked your magic and delivered! Not a posh house by any means, but treated with the utmost care and attention to detail as the higher end homes in town. 

Who could ask for more?

Sally, Lexington

Most importantly, we trusted you, from staging and pricing the house, to signing away power of attorney to a woman we’d never met, based on one email from you. That trust is worth everything in such a relationship!

I’m sitting with a cup of coffee, looking out the deck windows at Red-Bellied Woodpeckers at the feeders(what??!), and thinking - “what JUST happened?!”

We went from “never leaving Belmont” to “one and done” in less than ten weeks. 

None of this would have been possible without you, Dani. Yes, you have a truly terrific group of people around you, but it really is your energy that made it all happen. Sure, we’ve have been in contact for years, but when we reached out in September, you went into high gear so quickly our heads were spinning (and let’s not forget your running a market analysis - from Australia, no less - in the Spring).

Most importantly, we trusted you, from staging and pricing the house, to signing away power of attorney to a woman we’d never met, based on one email from you. That trust is worth everything in such a relationship!

You and your team helped us to scramble and make everything as ready as possible, so quickly. You never made a false promise, and were logical and honest throughout. Again, it came down to trust. To me, the house actually “sold” in four hours, and we had just enough bidders - two - to come to a price that we were absolutely thrilled to get. But it was all the preparation that made it possible - and all of the continued work through to closing, that made those four hours so successful.

So, thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for the three hundred years of tolerance through the false starts, and for the awesome win at the end of the marathon. It turned out to be a sprint, but what a finish!

Many, many thanks for all and everything

As a first time buyer I could not have asked for a better agent.

As a first time buyer I could not asked for a better agent. Corinne sat down with me to go over the process, and provided me with helpful material to understand what to expect. She patiently guided me step by step as we began this journey. Her knowledge of the Boston area from personal and   professional experience was helpful in understanding what I was looking for. Due to the nature of my work it is very difficult for me to break away and make phone calls, email, or take time off. Corinne respected that and found a way to work around my schedule. It was great looking at a place with her for she had a good eye for detail, flow, and what may or may not work for me. Once I found my place and bid and lost it, only to win it in the end Corinne set up a schedule of important dates and helped me stay on schedule. She did a great job with working with the seller agent and helping me with my mortgage agent. Corinne truly has a talent for this line of work and obviously enjoys it! So, thrilled to have worked with her!

Rachael helped us find a place for our relocation from San Diego. She went way beyond and made us helping find our new place a pleasure.

Rachael helped us find a place for our relocation from San Diego. She went way beyond and made us helping find our new place a pleasure. She gets our recommendation for anyone looking for a pro to be on there team. She takes the time to understand your needs and finds a perfect match for you. Thanks Rachael you took a lot of stress off our relocation for a place we knew nothing about coming from the west coast.

If you're thinking of hiring another realtor? Don't. Hire Dani.

Before understanding our review of Dani you must first understand us. My wife, a professor, and myself an engineer, live in Lexington and are very particular and in general we usually end up being disappointed by people we work with. I can’t think of the last time I wanted to write a positive review about someone we’ve hired so with that in mind you should take this take away just how special Dani Fleming is. Simply put, she exceeded all of our expectations and we could not imagine using anyone else to sell or buy a house.  If you’re thinking about another Realtor don’t.  Hire Dani, you won’t regret it.

Before I go into why Dani is so great, I should also point out that we interviewed 4 highly recommended realtors from the area before deciding on Dani, all of which were good, but no Dani! So we did our homework and there are lots of other people who love Dani as well.

From our first meeting, when Dani and her husband Marcus showed up we were impressed. They come armed with a huge amount of market data and information. This isn’t ‘fluff’ information like you might get from some realtors, this is very detailed information which helps educate you as a seller about how and when to sell your house. Her energy during that first meeting was amazing and it followed through during the whole process. During the initial interview process she walked through our house and pointed out various things we should do including where furniture should be moved. But just as importantly she told us what wasn't worth doing.  We found the other realtors were more interested in making sure they had a customer locked in before giving actionable advice. For us the early information was critical because from the time we interviewed our first realtor to the time we sold our house was 2 ½ weeks, so we had no time to waste.

Once we hired her she came in to stage our house. She brought in lots of lovely pieces which turned our usually out of control house into a work of art. I should also point out that not all staging is created equal. She really did a fabulous job, much nicer than some of the staging’s I’ve seen in other houses. She used movers to move our bigger pieces of furniture so it would be easier for my wife and I (who have busy lives because of our jobs and kids). Next came the marketing of the house. Her photos were beautiful and unlike many realtors she took LOTS of photos which gives the people a great understanding of the house before ever showing up. She also shoots a real video. This isn’t a video like many realtors which is just pictures stitched together. This is done with a videographer with Dani’s voice talking about the features of the house. Next she set up a dedicated web-page for us and then had our house put up all over the web. Postcards were mailed around, etc… She also had great imagination about how to describe our house in words and sell its benefits. Most listing are rather bland where Dani’s make you want to live in the house you are reading about. Basically there wasn’t much she didn’t do to market the house!

The main open house on the Saturday she had food as well, but most incredibly she brought a harpist to play at our house! This may seem over the top but it makes a memorable experience and one that makes people remember the house. We loved it! Sunday there was an open house and Tuesday final offers were accepted. We had friends show up at the open house and they reported that she was the perfect combination of engaging but not pushing and made the people coming through the house feel welcome.

Needless to say all of her marketing paid off and we got *WAY* over our asking price, significantly higher than we thought possible, even in this sellers market. And she did all this while putting up with my wife and I which is no small task.

We loved her so much that we are going to use her to sell our other house which is a rental property in Waltham. I can't wait for another great experience. In this house we’re going to be already out of the area and Dani is going to help organize contractors and get the house fixed up to sell for us while we’re not even there. Awesome!

As I said earlier, If you’re thinking about another Realtor don’t.  Hire Dani, you won’t regret it.

We were amazed by her deep understanding of the local realty market ....

Dani and her team helped us sold our house in Lexington in Fall 2018. We were amazed by her deep understanding of the local realty market and wide connections with the local agents and potential buyers/sellers. 

Her team took every step including decoration, photograph, open-house very professionally. We were very happy to work with Dani and her team and get our house sold as we expected.

Without hesitation, we recommend working with Rachael Ades to anyone looking for a new home in eastern Massachusetts!

Rachael is exceptionally supportive partner for our search for new home in Massachusetts. Rachael asks great questions and listens closely to answers from both of us, so quickly align on what successful home search looks like. Rachael is exceptionally strong at identifying and connecting with our needs, wants and hopes, but also our concerns and worries. To her credit, Rachael balances her advice and guidance while continuing to listen closely to both of us throughout the process. 

Rachael is very accommodating in her schedule - we were living out of the area at the time, and needed to travel in on rather short notice - Rachael always made the time available. Rachael has strong network of like-minded professionals that made the entire end-to-end process smooth, coordinated, transparent, and efficient. 

Rachael is bundle of energy with lots of ideas, and yet managed to keep us calm, relaxed and laughing. Without hesitation, we recommend working with Rachael Ades to anyone looking for a new home in eastern Massachusetts!

I cannot imagine anything easier than this.

It is certainly a pleasure working with Dani and the team. I can not imagine anything easier than this. You have provided us such a smooth and worry-free transition, which we can not say enough how much we appreciate it.

Thank you and best luck to you and your team.

Email from Bo C
By way of this recommendation, my wife and I would like to thank Rachael and the entire staff at MA Properties Online.

By way of this recommendation, my wife and I would like to thank Rachael and the entire staff at MA Properties Online. Rachael was very focused on being a great realtor and helping us thru the entire process of selling our home. Rachael provided sound advice and at the same time listened to our needs and thoughts. The MA Properties Online provides a team approach to selling a home from taking the photos, videos, web site, staging and so many other tasks that need to all come together to successfully market and sell a home.

Dani and her team are really fantastic.

Dani and her team are really fantastic. They helped us think about the timing of our move, price the house realistically, stage it beautifully and sell it in 4 days (one weekend of 2 short Open Houses) -- which resulted in multiple offers and a healthy percentage increase over the asking price. Just start by attending one of their monthly seminars in Lexington for sellers or buyers which I did. Good pizza, good information. The market in the Boston area and especially Arlington is a little crazy these days. You need Dani and her team to show you the best way to make smart decisions and benefit from this fast-moving marketplace.

Meet the team

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