The Jain Family

I am Amit, working as a Pharmaceutical professional for the last 15+ years. Swati is working in the gene sequencing area for a CA company.

We both love to go for long drives in the USA (did cross-country to come to MA from CA, traveled to many national parks and other parts of the world like New Zealand, Patagonia region of Chile and Argentina). 

Swati loves cooking and has a very good frame of mind to fuse other parts of the world cuisine with Indian traditional dishes. She is also fond of art and sewing. 

Our lifestyle is very simple and driven towards nature. We do not drink or smoke.

Why did you decide to buy a home?


To take advantage of low interest rate, we had a house in CA and want to continue the feeling of house ownership, so we do not feel that we are demoting ourselves in MA



What surprised you the most about the buying process?

The pace at which properties disappear, and the offered price which is always higher than asking.


 Why did you choose MA Properties Real Estate?

I think it was destiny and down to earth nature of Rachael. It was very much an accidental decision or discovery. We were at 12 Green Lane properties listed by MA Properties and browsing property from outside due to Covid and did not have any realtor. But I really appreciate Rachael’s effort to come outside and inquire about us why we are here? And encourage us to see property with all PPE. 

Later we had one Zoom Video session and we were convinced with knowledge she brings on table and interest to educate us on properties rather than selling them.

In summary, I will say MA Properties agent nature, knowledge, and ability to understand the client’s interests made us select them.


What is the most challenging part of the buying process

To make a balance between school, neighborhood, and price. This is a kind of ternary diagram in science where there is always a sweet spot which will be fitting in your budget/interest.

 What is your top buying tip?

Don’t rush but also don’t wait to react. That means be aware of dynamics of the market and trust on realtor’s feedback. Always, make an attempt to discuss what you have in mind, don’t sit on that otherwise it is too late.


What was the best part of your Buying Experience?


Education we have received from Rachael.



We are very fortunate to have Rachel on our side as she is not only expert in what she is doing but she is great person to be with us to navigate this process. Even though we were just 2 months history in MA and moved from CA she never allowed us to feel as a new to MA and always there to support us in good news or not very good news (when offer is not accepted). Her energy is big plus and she is on top of everything in process. 

Another big positive with us is always on time we can not recollect any incidence when she is not one time. She understand what it means when you have kids and she works accordingly. If we are going for any house transaction in future there is no second thought and she is our choice. And I highly recommend her for your next house hunting in this area of MA- Lexington/Burlington/Winchester/ and more.

Thinking of Buying or Selling? 

Let us help you make that happen!

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