Amanda & Florian

Amanda, an artist working in oils, and Florian, a busy Researcher at MIT, met on a sunny day on Vassar Street in Cambridge. Amanda grew up in the Boston area and was returning to Boston from living and working in Australia for five years. Florian was born and raised in Germany and worked as a Researcher at MIT. They inspire each other in many ways – Amanda shares her creativity and energy, Florian adds rationality and efficiency. Amanda & Florian love to travel and to be outdoors together. That’s where they refuel and connect with each other.

Why did you decide to buy a home?

Frankly, we bought a house at a time when everybody would tell you not to go through the process: It was early 2019 and we were planning our wedding for the summer of 2019. But while living in Cambridge, we were craving a quiet home outside the buzz of the city; a small garden to be outside; and more space inside. While looking around, mostly for fun and to get a sense of the market, we found a home we loved.



Why did you choose MAProperties Online?

We met the MAProperties Online team during an open house. Rachel cared about who we were and where we were coming from. We felt like she wanted to support us and appreciated our idea of a home. We were not just another transaction for her. Rachel and her team were eager to find our home: a place we love, not just some compromise. In addition, the team understands the market in the area where we wanted to live and could provide the data, we needed to guide us.

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What surprised you the most about the buying process?

It was surprisingly simple to find our home. We knew when we parked our car and walked in. We both have strong taste and clear ideas of what we want. In many places, we saw houses with “good bones”, but we could not imagine ourselves in the house or in the area.

Once we saw “our house”, it was important to have a neutral and knowledgeable agent who helped us stay open-minded, so that we could think through the downsides – in the end, no house is absolutely perfect. But once we fully understood the situation, we were ready for an easy decision.


What is the most challenging part of the buying process?

The most challenging part is to understand the market, and to come up with smart decisions, especially in the highly competitive, fast-moving Boston-area market. As first-time homebuyers, we were lucky to have Rachel on our side. She took the time to educate us through going to open houses with us, providing lots of data, and sharing her experience. When it came to placing a bid, Rachel guided us and made it easy to go through the paperwork.


What was the best part of your Buying Experience?

When we got the call and signed off on the paperwork, we couldn’t believe that we became homeowners in Arlington. We realized that we found a home that fit our needs and provided us a place where we feel comfortable. Every time we walk up the hill for 5 minutes to Robbins Farm Park and look over the city, we remind each other how happy we are with our choice. Looking back, the process was surprisingly simple because we had Rachel’s excellent support.


What is your top buying tip?

Stay calm, look at your options, and go for the homes that inspires you.

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