Jeff Ippolito

Who is Jeff… I am a software engineer who enjoys surfing and martial arts in his freetime. I like being near the water, hiking, and, in general, likes to be outside.  I also enjoy cooking and throwing BBQ’s for friends and family on the weekends.

Why MA Properties Real Estate?

I chose MA Properties as I used one of their agents before to buy a property and it was such a hassle-free experience that I didn't even look anywhere else.



Walk me through how Corinne & the MA Properties Team prepared your home to sell? What stood out to you?

They understood the market trends. Even with Covid they were able to predict supply and demand, and therefore were able to calculate the value of my home very accurately. There were no worries on my part about how much I should put the condo on the market for.  I know that taking a home off the market and putting it back on can be a disaster so it’s important to get that initial price calculated accurately so that your home is competitive.


What surprises and challenges did you encounter during the buying and selling  process?

The buying process was actually easier than the selling process, time seemed to fly by compared to selling. The challenge was wondering if I should buy this house, or if a  better house would come on the market the following week.

I was surprised at how quick the selling process was. I thought covid would slow it down  given the unpredictable nature of Covid affecting the economy as well as moving with all the rules, but since Corinne had everything online with DocuSign and scanning all the documents in PDF format, it was very easy to get all the paperwork done.  No need to schedule appointments or travel to get stuff signed and delivered.  Most of the work I could do via my iPhone on the MA Properties App.


What are your top tips when buying and selling?

When buying, review all the pros/cons of a given house you are looking to buy.  If you were not able to fix any of the “cons” for the first year, would that bother you?  If the answer is no, then strongly consider buying that house, or wait to see if something else comes on the market.  Every “con” of this house that I didn’t fix, I’m still fine with 9 months later and have a plan to make it better, but I can live with it and it's not an eye strain for me right now.

When selling, Corinne walked me through how much the condo was worth given the market trends, Covid etc. and then helped me develop the pros and cons of selling, or not selling.  If someone is thinking of selling, then make sure you have a real estate agent that is that knowledgeable and presents all the options available to you so you can make an informed decision.

What was the best part of your buying and selling experience?

When buying, I actually enjoyed looking at homes to see what other people had done to fix up their properties. I kept most of the listings that I had seen to try to recall what I liked about them.

When selling, everything was “hands off” on my part once I allowed the stagers into my condo. After that, there wasn't much for me to do. It gave me the freedom to invest my time in other things, like searching for a new home to buy.

I have already recommended them to a couple of people who are looking to buy.



Thinking of Buying or Selling? 

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