Jean Coupet & Family

My name is Jean Coupet and I am indeed a very proud first time home buyer. The very purpose of deciding to seek and find a home to buy was solely driving by purpose. That sense of purpose was reinvigorated by the urge to create socio-economic stability for my family.

Why Corinne and MA Properties Real Estate?

By way of reversing this question, the essence of this question should be “Why does not every prospective buyer/seller hire MA PROPERTIES REAL ESTATE AGENT”? In my view, anyone who aspires to acquire or sell a property should choose MA PROPERTIES REAL ESTATE AGENT if she or he wants to experience superb customer service experience. You have checked all the boxes.To strengthen that statement, I am a living testament of what it means when it comes to experience firsthand, first class customer service from a devoted, smart, articulate real estate agent of MA PROPERTIES REAL ESTATE AGENT, the one and only Madame (Mrs.) Corinne Boin. Mrs. Corinne Boin has been exemplary from the very beginning of my homeownership journey till the end.  Mrs. Corinne Boin has a customer service oriented attitude that is unmatched. Her ability to find ways to connect with prospective first time home buyers like myself is marvelous. Mrs. Corinne Boin has guided me throughout the whole process. There is a famous Indian quote by Mahatma Gandhi which states “That the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”.  I am beyond convinced that Mrs. Corinne Boin has done just that for countless of other clients who have crossed her path.



Why did you decide this was the right time to buy?

It has been almost a decade since I have been a tenant. I can attest that I do not recall ever receiving any return on investment of renting for so long. Additionally, one of the other reasons I decided to embark on this homeownership journey is that I did no longer want to live a nomadic lifestyle. I moved around quite a lot to seek the best living opportunity for my family for as long as the marginal benefit of moving from that place to another exceeds the cost. Furthermore, the idea of owning a home now does not only create stability for my family, on the one hand it is also a path to create generational wealth.

What surprised you the most about the buying process?

The very first lesson I learn throughout the process is that nothing good comes easy. I was able to learn that lesson by being very well equipped and guided by Mrs. Corinne Boin.


What challenges did you encounter during the buying process?

  • Choose your real estate agent wisely

  • Ensure your connection with your agent is solidified

  • Seek and find synergy between you and your agent 

  • When in doubt ask questions 

  • Ensure constant communication is maintained 

  • Speak up any concern you may have prior to reaching a point of no return 

  • Be reminded of the very purpose your are engaging in this process

What was the best part of your Buying Experience?

There were countless of my favorite parts. Mrs. Corinne Boin renders the process very smooth. My experience in working with Mrs.  Corinne Boin sums up in the following: Pleasant, Memorable, Avid reader, Attention to very miniscule details, Communicative, Empathy. In other words, Mrs. Corinne Boin has gone above and beyond to ensure I was in great hands. The effect of Mrs. Corinne Boin works.  She delivers!


I am officially today, 13th November 2023, a proud homeowner in the town of Lexington, MA because the “GREAT I AM, GOD” has used Mrs. Corrine Boin as a shepherd who shepherded me throughout the homeownership process. I, therefore forever am grateful to have been a client of yours and more importantly to Mrs. Corrine Boin who has vowed to support me in every step of the way throughout the process.

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