Ed Charrette

My home in Lexington was truly the old homestead. We lived there as a family of different sizes for 55 years. At times, there were as many as nine people living there, my wife and her parents and our five children. The children attended the fine Town school system and all went on to successful university educations and careers. The home continued to be a family gathering place even after the kids scattered across the country. 

In brief, my career consisted of being a physician initially then a physician-executive. I have a wide range of interests spurred on by being a  curious person dedicated to lifelong learning fostered by excessive reading and travel to 70+ countries plus adult education and recently many Zoom lectures. For fun in the past,  I have enjoyed skiing with the family, golf, international high altitude mountain climbing and SCUBA diving. More recently, the activities consisted of walking, fitness clubs and enjoying natural surroundings, especially an island retreat in Maine.

Why MA Properties Real Estate?

I attended numerous MA Properties presentations and it was very clear that the service was much superior to a real estate transaction a few years ago with a competitor. My expectations were very high because of what I knew about Dani but the entire team worked so well together that they were actually exceeded.



How did Dani help you to sell your home?

The marketing was amazing with the dynamic duo of Dani and Marcus. Their strengths complement each other and make an unbeatable combo along with the rest of the team. The high point of the process consisted of the numerous offers and a selling price way above asking!


What surprised you the most about the selling process?

The entire process was stress free in part because I felt confident that I had a strong group running things. The process of selecting the best of many fine offers would have been challenging if Dani didn't have a technique to decide quickly and wisely which one was the best. The best part of the selling experience was the rapid sale at a very good price.


Listing Photographs and Video

What is the most challenging part of the selling process?

The biggest concern was cleaning out what had been accumulated in 62 years of marriage plus two solo years.

What is your top selling tip?

I would, and will, strongly recommend MA Properties to anyone selling a house. They are the best!



Staging Video

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