Stan and Ann

Ann is a retired preschool teacher and a member of  the Studio 7 art group, which she has been associated with for 20 years. Stan is a retired financial services lawyer who now focuses on social justice and political work, his real passions. They moved into their house with a blended family, and have lived there for over 25 years." It was like a dream come true, the perfect location, close to schools, playing fields and the downtown area. We did some renovating but kept true to the architectural nature of the home, which was a cover story of Better Homes and Garden magazine in 1963! Our grandchildren also grew up here; it was the perfect place to make memories."

Why did you choose Dani and MA Properties?

We asked our friends for referrals, and Dani’s name came up in every conversation. Dani has an energy and positive outlook on everything and shares our values. She was extremely helpful in answering our questions and preparing us for what we had to do. Her knowledge of the market was evident based on the brochures and literature she presented to us. We were impressed!

What did you think of the way your home was marketed?

Dani’s marketing was incredible. We were really impressed by the staging, photographs, video and her strategic planning of listing our home. We had looked at other listings online, and were appreciative of how she staged our home, made the most of it and really “lifted it up”. 

We also appreciated the feature sheet and write-up of our home and neighborhood, it really captured the spirit and the community. They did a fantastic job of pointing out all of the great spaces in the home, and made us love it even more!

3D Tour

Home Video

Let’s talk about initial offers – how did Dani help guide you through this process?

  • 148 Private Showings
  • 4 Days
  • 35 Offers

We were overwhelmed, and it was far beyond our wildest dreams. A wonderful surprise! We met with Dani on Zoom to review the offers and we knew it was priced right based on the number of offers we received. It was what willing buyers would pay and what we were prepared to part with. We ultimately accepted an offer from a family that loved the home as much as we did. We were very pleased and Dani took care of everything with expertise and consideration. 

Listed at $1,325,000    -    Sold for $1,685,000!!

What advice do you have?

Make sure it is the right time for you to sell, something Dani emphasized early on. We had reached a point where we were ready to downsize and found a place to go. You have to separate yourself from the sentimentality of it, when you’re ready to move on you're “ready to move on’” and let someone else have the space to do what they want. You have to be prepared for that, in an emotional way and also be prepared to do the work that’s needed. Most importantly, keep a sense of humor!

Would you recommend Dani and MA Properties to your friends and family?

Without question, and we already have!

Thinking of Buying or Selling? 

Let us help you make that happen!

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