The Story of 3 Elena and 4 Springdale

This story follows Grace and John's journey with Dani Fleming and the sale of their home at 4 Springdale Rd, Lexington to Tina and Matthew with the help of Wenjen Hwang. After their accepted offer Tina and Matthew then had to quickly pivot and focus on selling their home at 3 Elena Rd, Lexington. 

This story shows the power of timing and teamwork and resulted in a happy ending for everyone involved!

Meet Grace and John

We are Korean American senior citizens living in the US for more than 60 years. Grace worked as a consulting dietician at nursing homes and John, a transportation planner at MA Dept of Transportation. While living in this house for 36 years, we raised two daughters, who became a violinist and a medical doctor, respectively. Grace loves tending the vegetable garden and John, writing in local Korean newspapers .

Grace and John attended a sellers masterclass back when they first started thinking about selling in 2015.

They invited Dani Fleming over to talk about paint colors throughout the home as they were getting the whole home painted and figured it made sense to paint it colors that would appeal to buyers. They did bits and pieces over the time between the sellers masterclass and coming on the market so when the time came to hit the market it was easy as they only had to touch up the walls with the colors that appealed.

Listing Photos and Video

The home came on the market and was met with a lot of interest. Two of those people were Tina and Matthew who decided to call Dani and inquire about the home, they did not have a buyers agent at that time so Dani recommended them to Wenjen Hwang and it was the perfect match! 

Even though there was a blizzard that weekend, Wenjen offered to meet them to see the house as soon as the roads were cleared. The market was still incredibly competitive so Wenjen acted fast and provided an in depth market analysis of the home and what they could do to make their offer strong and beat the competition.

Once the round of best and final offers was completed Tina and Matthew had come out and top and had their offer accepted, they now had to shift focus and think about how to sell their home at 3 Elena Rd, Lexington.

The Numbers for 4 Springdale


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Meet Tina and Matthew

We met in college in Boston and got married after graduation. We decided to purchase a starter home in Lexington, known for its great schools and community while being able to commute easily to our respective workplaces.  We are a very active family with two small children and we enjoy a variety of sports, birding in the great outdoors, and making music.

Now that their offer was accepted they needed to sell their home fast, and that's where the MA Properties Listing team stepped in to help.

Susan got one of her trusted contractors into the home right away who painted almost the entire interior. Tina and Matthew were still living in the home during this process so Lisa and her team staged around their furniture and moved what wasn't needed into an exterior shed.

Glenn then came in to take the Photographs, Video and 3D Tour and the home was brought on the market the following Thursday.

Between having their offer accepted and bringing their home on the market were only 28 Days!

Staging and Listing Video

So much strategy in Real Estate revolves around timing, and being able to turn their home around in such a short period of time allowed Tina and Matthew to close on both homes within a month of each other, it also meant bringing their home on during one of the hottest and most competitive markets we've seen which led to the incredible numbers below!

The Numbers for 3 Elena

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